Companies connected with the Baransky family are being searched in Odessa

Today, NABU and SBU conducted mass searches in the offices of shipping companies and apartments of participants in a brazen fraudulent scheme to misappropriate 32 ships of the Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company.

As it became known, in 2017 and 2018, UDP officials involved in the scam handed over 32 lanterns to fictitious companies. In Turkey, these vessels underwent conversion, during which the numbers and other identifying features were removed from the vessels. The result – “dealers” removed 32 state vessels. The height of the audacity was that some of the vessels with forged documents returned and worked in Ukraine – and already as the property of fraudsters.

As it became known, the companies of a Ukrainian businessman with a criminal past Serhiy Baransky and his family are involved in the scam. Baransky’s firms are involved in a number of scandalous lawsuits in the United States, India, and elsewhere. countries on tax evasion scams and fraud schemes in the field of maritime transport, which has been repeatedly mentioned in the media. Baransky also actively cooperated with the Russian business of “Putin’s friends.”

Police have already arrested 12 stolen UDP vessels.

Police have already arrested 12 stolen UDP vessels. Interestingly different. During searches of the participants of the deal, including the candidate for mayor of Odessa Mykola Skoryk and the deputy of the Odessa regional council from the Opposition platform – “For Life” Vitaly Soutyonkov found millions of dollars, the origin of which becomes clear.

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