СБУ підпише угоду з НАТО про обмін секретами

Брюссель – У зв’язках України із НАТО грядуть зміни. Щойно стало відомо, що Київ намагається наблизитися до «членства, але без офіційного членства». Тобто прагне стати частиною так званої «Програми посилених можливостей для особливих партнерів НАТО». Швеція та Фінляндія – два найкращі приклади такої сумісності за стандартами альянсу: країни не є членами організації, але їхні сектори оборони та безпеки настільки гармонізовані із натовськими, що між ними практично немає різниці. На підступах до подібного співробітництва перебуває й Грузія.

Програма посилених можливостей для особливих партнерів НАТО – це дуже тісний спосіб взаємодії та відповідності єдиним стандартам Північноатлантичного союзу. Тому країни-члени Альянсу будуть дуже ретельно розглядати українську заявку, надіслану президентом України на ім’я генерального секретаря НАТО, пояснив нині у Брюсселі заступник міністра закордонних справ Вадим Пристайко.

One of the major obstacles was the lack of technical agreement on the exchange of classified information. 28 September in Brussels will be signed this technical agreement

“This is a very complex and demanding a mechanism that would require from our side and from NATO serious interactions. One of the major obstacles was the lack of technical agreement on the exchange of classified information. 28 September in Brussels will be signed this technical agreement that will bring our interaction in the area of classified information to a whole other level. It was a technical obstacle that prevented us much, “- says Ukrainian diplomat, adding that it was the Security Service of Ukraine, which also reformuvatymut NATO standards, and instructed to sign the document.

At NATO headquarters is the regular meeting of the NATO-Ukraine Commission at the level of diplomats. Among the main issues considered security situation in and around Ukraine, the situation in Russia annexed Crimea, development of Minsk, Norman processes. Among these consultations NATO representatives interested Prystaiko opinions on the sanctions regime.

Do not give weapons, at least keep sanctions – Prystaiko

“Since you do not give us weapons, not helping the military, we feel your support and exclusively political pressure on Russia. But dear, let’s not forget that the sanctions – is the only mechanism that you have in hand, and is used to save the whole situation and the whole of Europe. If not, then maybe some of you will in turn provide weapons? But all agreed that the sanctions – a wonderful mechanism, which should continue to work “- said Prystaiko.

Another key topic of conversation at NATO headquarters in Brussels, concerned the plans and prospects of cooperation between Ukraine and NATO on the results of the Warsaw Summit. In particular, it was about improving the content of the current annual national program of action plan for adapting Ukrainian army in NATO standards. Above her in Kyiv already running a special working group to develop this plan include wider NATO experts.

“We want this boring, hefty document to which each” throws that he wanted “to make a graceful mechanism that describes policy that we have achieved – said Vadim Prystaiko. – This document should be not only short, but also written in two languages. The third major change – we just sit down and write this with NATO. That they were once part of this process. ”

Representatives of the Alliance and Ukraine also sought the answer to the question ‘How effective and faster (not eight months as it did in the case of Georgia) establish implementing a comprehensive package of assistance to Ukraine NATO, covering 40 different areas? “.

At a meeting of the commission held and advice on how to attract a wider advisers and experts to coordinate NATO Euro-Atlantic integration of Ukraine.


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